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What is ShopWindow?

An online store platform for the social network era. If you know what Shopify is, similar concept, but for the social network era, but waaaaaaaaay simpler!

If you do NOT know what Shopify is, then you want to use ShopWindow!

What problem does it solve?

Build an online store is complex, expensive, outdated and unnecessary. We turn selling online as easy as post an update on your social network.

I have some old second hand stuff to sell, can I use ShopWindow for that?

Sure! You can use it as your personal marketplace! Just upload the stuff you want to sell to a catalog and then share the link to the catalog wherever you want!

Your contacts will do the rest!

How is it different than existing solutions?

Existing solutions were for the web era, ShopWindow is for social network era, where payments are easier, we prefer texting and we want things NOW!.

And what is the difference between the web era and the social era?

Lots of them!

  • On the web era promotion requires tech work and SEO.
  • On the social era, promotion just requires posting on social networks.
  • On the web era, people wouldn’t mind creating an account on your website.
  • On the social era nobody likes creating new accounts anymore, they probably are not that interested in even seeing your website!
  • On the web era, attention span was in the order of minutes.
  • On the social era, attention span is < 4 second on average.
  • On the social era, audiences want instant gratification: they want it, NOW!
  • On the web era, getting an email about your order was the usual.
  • On the social era, texting is the cool thing, email is boring and time consuming.
  • On the web era, everything looked fancy by just being on the Internet.
  • On the social era, fancy is the beginning, it has to feel personal and to have emojis! (Man, my mom is 76 and she sends text with hearts and panda bears…).
  • On the web era, the audience had higher tolerance to spammy sites...
  • On the social era spam is finally considered a plague and you better make things easy for your customers or they will go somewhere else...

So, apart from being both accessed over an Internet connection, web and social eras, show important differences!

I am a total newbie in this, why should I choose ShopWindow?

Precisely, because you are a newbie, ShopWindow is the right tool for you. All the other platforms are very complex ones for the web way of doing things. Building your online store will be a project in it self, when you just want to go on business. A way or another you are going to spend a lot of money and time building something very expensive you probably don’t even need. ShopWindow lets you sell your products leveraging what you already have at hand, needing no one else and going on business today!

By the end of today you could have already sold your first products!

And how does ShopWindow achieve such simplicity for me?

Good question! It just takes what you already have at hand and wires it up for you to sell through it.

Consider this example: your audience is on Instagram, you want to accept credit card, Paypal and cash payments and keep your customers posted with a nice and short SMS…

ShopWindow enables you to easily create a catalog you can link on your Instagram profile, link your card and Paypal accounts to get paid and set that SMS to be sent automatically after each purchase!

Done, you are on business! You set it up in minutes, it takes literally no time to attend each transaction! Effective and efficient!

This is possible for a whole lot of combinations of social networks, payment methods and communication channels, just choose the right one for you!

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