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Social Commerce: e-Commerce for super-apps!

Let's take it from the beginning...

You're getting into...


... e-commerce because you want to make money selling online: your amazing product, your consultancy services, you name it... But before, you will have to learn about web programming, web design, server programming, search engine optimization, PSD2/SCA payment normative, GDPR, marketing strategies, ad spent, ROI...

Today + 6 months

Come on...

...it won't be that much! I just want to sell my products!

Well, you can always hire someone to deal with it for you, but it will require different consultants for so many different things and you can imagine: it won't be cheap!

Prepare money, time, patience and a lot of luck betting it to the people that will get the job done right!

Today + 1 year

I'm feeling lucky!

Sure you do! You are about to start a business, it would be odd if you didn't!

If you find the right consultants, communication really works, you have the money to pay them and the time and patience to keep the project alive...

But that's a big fat IF... Hopefully you will get an online store similar to what you expected!

Cool uh? Well, not so fast! Do you know how to use it on your own?

Today + 1 year + a bit

Chances are you don't...

...know how to control your shiny brand new online store!

But hey, you can always go back to your friendly consultants, happy to hear from you for a reasonable fee...

Back today

I don't need this!

You are 100% right, you don't! You just wanted make some business selling my products!

We are in , isn't there a better way to go than a time wasting money pit?

You are spot on! There is, that is why we built ShopWindow!

To know why ShopWindow exists we have to travel back in time, buckle up!



All of a sudden, a social network made the difference by hitting an addictive recipe to keep people online!

Things changed forever: now it was easy to exist on the Internet, to connect and reach people you wouldn't have reached before!

It's popularity just exploded and generated other social networks: Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter...

Hey, WhatsApp?


Following the steps of iMessage, two guys made telecom companies shake by re-inventing by chance the SMS the way it should have been for years then...

1.5 billion users and ~20 billion dollar later, it was clear that texting was what people preferred to communicate in an agile and elegant way!

Chances are you are using one of these: iMessage, Messenger, Telegram, Viber... Or just the embedded messaging in your social network, like Instagram, Snapchat and so on...

Getting paid...

Last years

...turned into a breeze!

From the good old bank account, to credit and debit cards, Paypal, ApplePay, Google Wallet, bitcoin and all it's derivates...

Perhaps you didn't know, but you are already enabled to receive payments from your customers today!

This is where...


...ShopWindow kicks in!

  • Social networks are an excellent shopwindow you know how to use!
  • You can get paid with the same payment method you already have!
  • Texting enables you to communicate the way everyone loves!

ShopWindow wires everything up, so you can leverage it all to do what you want: selling your products!


You will be...

...celebrating your first sales!

We like early adopters like you to start a movement!

Write in! We would love hearing your thoughts about us!

Happy selling!

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